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Pool & Surf Lifesaving Club

Club Forms and Information:
Wexford Pool & Surf Lifesaving Club takes part in the sport of Surf Lifesaving, we are the sports branch of Wexford Water Safety.
Surf Lifesaving is a sport that incorporates all the skills involved in lifeguarding.  With great speed, endurance, technique and a strong mentality, our members compete against the best lifeguards in Ireland.
As a club we also look to provide our members with the skills and fitness necessary to potentially save a life, should their skills be called upon.  Many of our members go on to work on beaches and in swimming pools around Wexford as IWS qualified lifeguards.
Our club caters for swimmers from the ages of 8 years and above, who have completed at least Marlin 10 (IWS) or the equivalent from another organisation, and can show that they can safely take part in training sessions and events.
For further information about the club you can contact us by emailing wexfordsurflifesaving@gmail.com.
You can also connect with us on facebook or twitter.

2018 Wexford Training Times

Training takes place in Ferrybank Swimming pool on Saturdays from 5-6pm from September to May. Beach training will commence on Curracloe beach from 7-9pm from June for the Summer Period. 

2018 Courtown SLS Training Times

Registration for SLS open water will occur Sunday 12th May. With open water training commencing Sunday 12th May for all age groups. 

Training will move to Tuesday/Friday evenings from mid June for Nippers, Juniors, Seniors and Masters. Training on Sundays for Juniors, Seniors and Masters only. 

Update - 17/02/2015 - National Senior/Junior Still Water Lifesaving Championships 2015

We had great performances by the whole Wexford team on Saturday.
The team results were as follows:

Junior Boys A - 2nd
Junior Boys B - 10th
Junior Girls A - 3rd
Junior Girls B - 4th
Senior Men A - 2nd
Senior Men B - 11th
Senior Women - 6th


While everyone did not win medals, everyone did compete to their best, and everyone contributed to the overall team. Your club are very proud of all for your performances and how you represented the county.

The individual medallists were:

Junior Boys:   Bill Milne  - 1 Gold
Junior Girls:  Denise Bolger  - 1 Silver
 Georgina Steel  - 2 Bronze
Youth Boys:  Cameron Steel  - 2 Gold, 2 Bronze
 Matthew Arthur  - 1 Silver
Senior Men:  Cameron Steel  - 2 Bronze

Relay Medallist:

Junior Boys A - 1 Silver
Junior Boys B - 1 Bronze
Junior Girls A - 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
Senior Men A - 1 Bronze
Senior Women - 1 Gold, 1 Bronze

Update - 15/10/2014 - Pool Training Starts Back
Training will start back at Wexford Swimming Pool on Saturday the 18th of October.
5 to 6pm will be for our nippers, for the moment this is anyone who is aged 14 or under.
6 to 7pm will be for our Youths/Seniors, this is anyone who is aged 15 or over.
This year we will be having a registration at our first training session, this will commence at 4pm on Saturday the 18th.
Our pool season will be cut into 3 terms again this year, each being approximately 10 Saturday sessions., and each term costing €35 per member for the first 2 in each family and €30 for each subsequent family member. There is also an annual €10 registration fee which goes to Irish Water Safety, this is to be paid with the first €35 at the registration night.
Looking forward to see you all back in the pool soon and also to welcome any new members.
For further information on the fees, upcoming events and for membership forms please see the links at the top of the page.

Pool & surf lifesaving
Policies and Procedures 2016

Training Times:
Pool Lifesaving 2017/18
October to May - 
Wexford Swimming Pool
Nippers (8-14): 
Saturday 5 to 6pm
Junior/Seniors (15+):
Saturday 5 to 6pm
Courtown SLS
October to April - 
Courtown Adventure & Leisure Centre
Nippers (8-14): 
Saturday 5 to 6pm
Junior/Seniors (15+):
Saturday 5 to 6pm
Surf Lifesaving 2018
June to September -
Curracloe Beach
Nippers (8-14) & Junior/Seniors (15+):
Courtown SLS
June to September -
Courtown Beach 
12th May - mid June - Sunday
mid June - end - Tues/Friday evenings for Nippers, Juniors, Seniors and Masters.
Sunday evenings for Juniors, Seniors and Masters only. 

Upcoming Dates:
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